Vizsla Canada

High Flyer Award

Multi-Champion Recognition Program

The High Flyer Award program was created to recognize those Vizslas and their owners who have excelled at a CKC Championship level in more than one discipline.

To be eligible for recognition by Vizsla Canada as a multi-champion, a Vizsla must earn Canadian Kennel Club prefix championship titles in at least 2 different disciplines.  See the list below for the disciplines and eligible titles within each discipline.

Every qualifying Vizsla whose owner applies for recognition will receive a recognition certificate.  If at least one of the owners is a Regular (non-provisional) Vizsla Canada member, the dog will also receive a lovely recognition plaque designed by Vizsla Canada member, Howard Coneybeare.

The award can be awarded posthumously.  Any dog who qualifies, whether still with us or deceased, will be recognized.

All Vizslas who meet the award criteria, whether their owner has applied for recognition from Vizsla Canada or not, will appear on the club’s website as part of the historical record of the Vizsla in Canada.   


  •  Agility Master Champion (AG.M.Ch)


  •  Champion (Ch)
  •  Champion (Altered) (Ch (ALT))
  •  Grand Champion (GCh)
  •  Grand Champion Excellent (GChEx)


  •  Field Dog Excellent Champion (FDXCh)
  •  Field Trial Champion (FTCh)
  •  Amateur Field Trial Champion (AFTCh)
  •  National Field Trial Champion (NFTCh)
  •  National Amateur Field Trial Champion (NAFTCh)


  •  Obedience Trial Champion (OTCh)
  •  Obedience Trial Champion Excellent (OTChX)
  •  Master Obedience Trial Champion (MOTCh)
  •  Grand Master Obedience Trial Champion (GMOTCh)


  •  Rally Champion (RCh)
  •  Rally Grand Champion (RGCh)


  •  Tracking Champion (TCh)

Contact the award administrator here to apply and for further information.