Vizsla Canada

Recommended Reading

The Vizsla, 2nd Edition

Boggs, B. Cliff, The Vizsla, 2nd Edition, 2000. Behi Publishing Co.

Highly recommended.   Available through 

The Vizsla

Boggs, B.Cliff, The Vizsla, Glenbrier Publishing Co., 1982. ISBN 0-9608838-0-0 

Recommended; good historical reference book

Versatile Vizsla

Coffman, Marion I., Versatile Vizsla, Alpine Publications, Inc., 1991. ISBN 0-931866-54-5 

Highly recommended. New 2004 edition available at  REVISED in 2006  The Vizsla…field dog, show dog, obedience dog, companion par excellence, and more. Marion Coffman shares insights gleaned from thirty years of experience. Read the intriguing story of how the breed was rescued from Hungary during the Second World War. Learn how to select a correct Vizsla, train him, and care for him. Most of all, share the author’s love and appreciation for this versatile, unique breed.

The Complete Vizsla

Gottlieb, Gay, The Complete Vizsla, Howell Book House, Inc. 1992.  ISBN 0-87605-377-0

The Vizsla is said to be a distinguished looking dog of aristocratic bearing, sought-after by sportsmen and, in many ways, the ideal working gundog combining all three disciplines of hunting, pointing and retrieving. It is also making a name for itself in the show ring, and in this comprehensive book, the author highlights the history of the breed and reveals the art of training a dog for show and field. The breed Standard is analized, breeding principles are discussed, and guidelines are supplied for choosing a Vizsla puppy.

The Hungarian Vizsla

Gottlieb, Gay, The Hungarian Vizsla, Nimrod Book Services, Liss, Hants, England, 1985. ISBN 0-947647-09-0

With a special section on the working Vizsla in Britain by Louise Petrie-Hay.

Hungarian Vizsla Champions

Pinney, Chris C. DVM, Vizslas, Barron’s Educational Series, Inc. 1998. ISBN 0-7641-0321-0

The Vizsla combines the characteristics of an excellent hunting dog with those of a wonderful companion to its owner. This manual gives authoritative advice on dog purchase, preventive health care, the Vizsla’s changing nutritional needs throughout its life cycle, socializing and housebreaking a puppy, training it for hunting, breeding, and first-aid measures for virtually any kind of accident.

Not Your Average Dog

Stott, Winnie, Not Your Average Dog, 1998

A wonderful Vizsla book written by an avid fan and breeder. Winnie Stott has been involved with Vizslas since the late 1960’s. This is part journal, part reminiscence, part humour – lots of ‘bad dog’ stories to make you chuckle – with lots of sound common sense about living with Vizslas interleaved through all. Printed on quality, glossy paper with hundreds of great colour photographs, this is a very professional presentation for a privately published book. If you are also into Vizslas, you’re going to want this book in your collection.

Your Vizsla

Strauz, John X. and Joseph F. Cunningham, Your Vizsla, Denlinger, Fairfax, VA, USA, 1973. ISBN 0-87714-006-5

A small, but good, historical reference book. Designed as a basic manual for the pet owner. Includes information on selecting a puppy, the adult dog, personality, the hunting dog, field champions of record, obedience, grooming, housing, general health care, history of the breed, famous dogs, manners for the family dog, dog shows, genetics, breeding and whelping.