Vizsla Canada

Breeders Directory

Breeders Directory

Vizsla Canada only permits individuals to list themselves as breeders if they have been members for at least one year, hold Regular or Life membership in the club, and are in good standing with the club. This is to prevent backyard breeders from joining Vizsla Canada for the sole purpose of using our club to sell puppies. 

In order to be listed on the Vizsla Canada Breeders Directory, a breeder must be a Regular Member in good standing of Vizsla Canada. The breeder must also agree to the following conditions:

All breeding stock must be certified clear of hip dysplasia by OFA, OVC, PennHIP or a certifying institution approved by Vizsla Canada. If the breeder is a Canadian resident, breeding stock and puppies must be registered with the Canadian Kennel Club. If the breeder is not a Canadian resident, breeding stock and puppies must be registered in a stud book recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club. 

Vizsla Canada strongly recommends that breeders also screen for elbow dysplasia, autoimmune thyroiditis, cardiac disease, and undertake eye examinations.

Breeders agree to be responsible for all puppies they have bred and to accept their dogs back from buyers who are no longer able to keep them. 

Vizsla Canada does not rate, recommend, or endorse breeders, kennels, or their breeding stock. Buyers should investigate breeders and sellers before making a purchase.