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The Breed

Vizslas – Built to Run or to Trot?

by Jayne Coneybeare

Have you sat at the Sporting Group ring and watched pointing breeds on the judge’s request to “take them around”? Did they “wow” you with their tremendous reach and drive at a trot? Were some dogs even moving out ahead of their handlers creating a picture that is more commonly seen in the German Shepherd ring?

Though this movement is eye-catching and “showy” in the ring, is it typical or correct for an upland bird dog? Do the physical characteristics that enable a dog to work for many hours at a gallop influence the way a dog moves at a trot?

The Vizsla in Canada

2008 was an anniversary year for Vizslas in Canada as it was 50 years ago that the Smooth coat was recognized and 30 years ago that the Wire-haired was recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club.


History of the Vizsla


This page contains history of both Vizsla - Smooth and Vizsla Wire-haired. 

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