Vizsla Canada High Flyers

Vizsla Canada wishes to acknowledge the recipients of our High Flyer Award that recognizes those Vizslas and their owners who have excelled at a CKC Championship level in more than one discipline.

To be eligible for recognition by Vizsla Canada as a multi-champion, a Vizsla must earn Canadian Kennel Club championship titles in at least two of the following disciplines: Agility, Conformation, Field, Obedience or Tracking.

Every qualifying Vizsla whose owner has applied for recognition has received a recognition certificate.  Additionally, if at least one of the owners is a Regular (non-provisional) Vizsla Canada member, the dog has also received a lovely recognition plaque designed by Vizsla Canada member, Howard Coneybeare.

Click on the displayed PDF below to enlarge and view our “High Flyers” as of March 2019.