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Membership Renewal

Vizsla Canada wishes to thank all its members for the continuous support of your club and a special thank you to all that have submitted their renewals!

~ If you have not yet submitted your renewal for 2017, you have until March 1, 2017 ~

CLICK HERE for the Renewal Forms and PayPal link

Membership renewals were due by December 31, 2016. In accordance with the club bylaws, any person failing to pay dues by December 31st has sixty (60) calendar days in which to apply for reinstatement. Any member who does not apply for reinstatement and who does not pay their dues within the sixty (60) day period shall be required to reapply as a Provisional member.

Breeders, please note that you need to complete and submit the Breeder Listing Renewal Form 2017 to the Membership Chair

Members, if there are any changes to your contact and mailing information, ensure you complete and submit the Renewal Form 2017 to the Membership Chair

We are looking forward to the exciting 2017 with you!

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