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January 2013 Board Meeting Minutes

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Meeting began January 19, 2013, 7 PM ESDT

1. Call to order: Everyone present sign in.


2. Action Item: Adoption of Agenda.

Motion: That the agenda for the January 2013 board meeting be approved; if additional items arise during the meeting, these will be added under New Business. Moved by Linda Currie; Seconded by Jayne Coneybeare

For: LC, JC, BL, MB, RS, JD, JV, HB, BV

3. Action Item: Adoption of Minutes from Oct 2012 meeting.

Motion: That the Minutes from the October 2012 Board Meeting be approved. Moved by Linda Currie; Seconded by Jayne Coneybeare

For: LC, JC, BL, MB, RS, JD, JV, HB, BV

4. Action Item: Acceptance of reports from the Board of Directors, if any.

Correspondence Secretary – Billie

  • Nothing to report

Treasurer – Mabel

  • 2012 Year End Report
    Bank Balance on Statement Dec 24, 2012 $10,458.78
    O/S Cheque payable to Terri Corneil 533.82
    O/S deposit cheques Canadian 182.70
    US 50.00 (subject to Exchange)
    Pay Pal transfer 744.64 (included in this amount is a double payment for an Archive CD will fix)
    Balance as of Dec 31, 2012 $10,852.30
  • Update on Financial Audits (2010, 2011)

Regional Directors:

  • Ontario – Julie – see report under Item 5.
  • Atlantic – Richard – no report
  • Quebec – Jacqueline – no report
  • Western – Heidi – no report

5. Information Item: Report from Committee Chairs.

Membership Update – Mike Velestuk

  • 56 members renewed so far (for 2013) of 76 from last year
  • Two reminders were sent and a third just recently. Some people wait until the final hour to renew. Another dozen or so are expected

Show (Booster June; Specialty August) – Terri Corneil

i. Booster:

  • The Ontario booster has been booked for Sunday, June 9, 2013 at the Erie Shores Kennel Club show in Caledonia, Ontario
  • Judge TBA. Until the premium is finalized cannot confirm the judge. It will potentially be between two judges. The judging panel for this show is usually pretty good so believe there should be no major concern.
  • Prizes have been purchased. Last summer some Michael Steddum prints were purchased for half price plus he donated one that wasn’t used. There is also some pottery left from last year’s specialty.
  • Rosettes are provided by Erie Shores for boosters.

ii. Action Item: Discussion and choice of August Specialty and Sweepstakes Judges)

  • List of Specialty and Sweeps Judge recommendations provided
    After discussion and review of available information it was decided that TC would review further and provide the board with recommendations.

Motion: That Linda Kelly be approved as our Specialty Judge for the 2013 Vizsla Canada Specialty. Moved by Linda Currie; Seconded by Jayne Coneybeare

For: LC, JC, MB, RS, BL, JV, JD, BV

Motion: That Stewart Dankner be approved as our Sweepstakes judge, in conjunction with the 2013 Vizsla Canada Specialty. Moved by Linda Currie; Seconded by Mabel Bingley

For: LC, MB, RS, BL, JV, JD, BV; Abstain: JC

(note: before this meeting was closed, both had accepted the invitation to judge)

iii. Trophies: Discussion on whether to use the same vendor as in 2012 this year and provide the same pottery or do something else. VSO was interested in using this pottery (2012s) but felt they may have decided not to after being told VC may be using it again. Another option is to go to Oak Hill Pottery, the company VSO used to use for pottery and it very nice. A bit more expensive but was always well received.

  • View about last year’s pottery were positive, the price was right and no shipping charges. Perhaps look at what other products she offers. No need for a vote.
  • An alternative suggestion of dog accessories such as leashes, tugs, training bag, tent was made

iv. A tent will be ordered this year and requested to be set up near ring 10 (I think this is where the All Pointing breeds specialty was held last year). Suggest it be used for lunch and the raffle and not for everyone to crate their dogs under if at all possible.

  • Lunch – need someone to organize again this year
  • Suggestion to use the same person as last year but to forgo the coffee and ensure the cold drinks are left behind. Advertising it as cost recovery may help plus have someone (MB) set up with a cash box to collect for the cost of lunch. May need to consider single and family prices.
  • Raffle table – looking for someone to take the lead on this and organize it. Linda and Jacqueline both got a lot of stuff for the raffle and maybe would like to run with it this year?
  • Field Test Ontario (June) – Julie, Ray Rowan
  • Vizsla Canada’s Spring Field Test is being held in Norwood at Pointblank Kennels, for Saturday, June 15th and Sunday, June 16th, 2013. Judges will be confirmed this weekend and the judging application submitted by next week.

Newsletter – Terri Corneil and Richard Stoveld

  • Deadline for next newsletter is January 30
  • Website committee – Martha Lacko and Jayne Coneybeare

A summary of updates to appear on the website was provided and is attached to the end of these minutes

Breed Standards Review Committee – Linda Currie

As of this meeting, CKC’s final decision to accept or reject VCs proposed amendments has not been announced. A full report with background is attached to the end of these minutes

Update: At the end of January, the CKC Breed Standards Committee contacted our committee to advise that they were in the process of reviewing the proposed amendments to the standards, along with the input received during the “Publish for Comment” period. They requested that we provide a description for a full length tail. Our committee is working on this now, and once we have a draft, we will send out to members for their input.

Also at end of January, the CKC announced their new committee (Select Committee on the Tail Docking, Ear Cropping and Dew Claw Removal and the CKC Breed Standards). This committee “will solicit and encourage final breed club input regarding potential changes to the CKC breed standards with the proviso that the CKC intends to revise these standards where necessary. The full announcement can be found on their website under NEWS. This means if we (Vizsla Canada) do not amend our standard to include non-docked tails, the CKC will do it for us. We would like to be able to be the ones who decide on the wording, not the CKC.

6. Information Item: Report on Other Initiatives, Events.

  • Field Tests and Seminar in Nova Scotia 2013 – Atlantic members
    Further to the great interest and success of the Field Tests held in Nova Scotia in September, 2012; Vizsla Canada, in conjunction with the Atlantic Pointing Breed Club (APBC), will offer two Field Dog Tests in mid-September, 2013. Two Field Dog Tests will also be offered by the German Shorthaired Pointer Club of Canada (GSPCC) on the same weekend.
    Dogs will be tested at the Field Dog Junior and Field Dog levels. The GSPCC is also going to offer a Field Test on June 30, 2013 on Prince Edward Island. The day before, the APBC will offer a seminar on preparing for Field Tests at all levels (FDJ, FD and FDX). This will also be a fundraiser towards the fall tests. A judge has been chosen for the Test (Jack Dafoe); who will also lead the seminar. As in 2012, all costs for the 2013 Tests are expected to be covered by fundraising of the APBC – therefore no costs to the parent Clubs for the fall Field Tests.
  • Sporting Dog Judge’s Seminar.
    On the weekend of January 19, 20, 2013, The Oakville & District Kennel Club hosted a Sporting Dog Judge’s Seminar. Nine sporting breeds were discussed over the two days of presentations. Terri Corneil and Janice Wolff made presentations on the V.

Unfinished Business

7. Information/Action Item: Additional Boosters in 2013

  • Quebec – no update
  • BC – no update

8. Information item: Updates to Merchant Law Firm Law Suit against cropping/docking

This update is provided under item # 5 within the Breed Standards Review Committee Report


New Business

9. Rosettes for Ottawa Valley Pointing Dog Club

  • Group asked if VC would provide rosettes (3) for Highest Scoring Vizsla in each class of their Field Test (FDJ, FD, FDX) to be held Tuesday after the Long Sault Specialty weekend. Estimated cost ~ $10 - $15 each rosette and require ordering and delivery to OVPDC. The GSP and Irish Setter Clubs will be doing the same for their top-scoring dogs. Motion: That Vizsla Canada provide rosettes for the Highest Scoring Vizsla in FDJ, FD and FDX at the Field Test held by the Ottawa Valley Pointing Dog Club on August 27, 2013.

Moved by Linda Currie; seconded by Mabel Bingley

For: LC, MB, JV, RS, BL, JC, BV, JD

10. Next meeting

  • April 20 at 7 PM EST

11. Adjournment of meeting: February 25, 2013

Prepared by Beverley Lawson., Recording Secretary

Vizsla Canada - Current Events, Activities & Updates

June 9, 2013 VIZSLA CANADA BOOSTER in conjunction with the Erie Shores Kennel Club

in Caledonia, ON

June 15-16, 2013 FIELD DOG TEST at Pointblank Kennels in Norwood, ON

For more information: Julie Donnell (

August 24, 2013 VIZSLA NATIONAL SPECIALTY at Long Sault, ON in conjunction with the

Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry shows

We are looking for volunteers to organize the lunch and raffle table

For more information: Terri Corneil (

PROPOSED (currently under discussion and/or awaiting Board approval)

• BOOSTER(S) in Quebec and/or BC

• FIELD TEST AND SEMINAR in Nova Scotia (in conjunction with the Atlantic Pointing Breed



The Vizsla Canada October Board Meeting was opened on Oct. 20, 2012 and adjourned Dec. 3, 2012.

The next meeting will start on Jan. 19, 2013.



A request to the CKC to allow Vizsla Canada to hold a two-staged review of our Breed Standards (Smooth and Wirehaired) was made April 19, 2012. The first stage asked for changes to the sections of the standards concerning the tail and dewclaws; the second stage requested a full review of both standards to be completed in the future.

The CKC approved of this process, and suggested VC members vote on proposed changes before they are submitted. A poll was completed by July 15. Over 82% (of ballots received) voted in favour of the proposed amendments. The CKC Breed Standards Committee was notified of the results and in August 2012 the proposed changes were posted for comment on the CKC website with a closing date of October 01, 2012. As of January, VC has not been notified of CKC’s decision.

New developments:

  • New CKC Committee - Select Committee on the Tail Docking, Ear Cropping and Dew Claw Removal and CKC Breed Standards: This committee will solicit breed club input and provide guidance on potential changes to breed standards with the proviso that the CKC intends to revise these standards where necessary. According to the CKC member information announcement, “The purpose of such changes will be to facilitate the exhibition and judging of dogs with natural tails and ears or with dew claws intact on an equitable basis with dogs that may have docked tails, cropped ears or dew claws removed.”
  • Merchant Law Firm Suit: A group called “Retaining our Rights to Crop, Dock and Dew Claw Removal” (RRCD) has retained the Merchant Law Firm to pursue legal action to stop a Canadian Veterinary Medical Association ban on docking, cropping and dewclaw removal. The group also hopes to reverse the existing ban in the Atlantic provinces. For further information and background go to – Featured Links.

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